fighting for the future
Altxtude offers worldwide shipping of all its eco friendly prodcuts
All of Altxtude's products are sustainable and have meaning behind them. We donate 10-15% of all profits and are fighting for the future.
Altxtude donates 10% off all of its profits and spends another 5% carbon offsetting each order.
Altxtude carbon offsets each order so that our shipping is truly carbon neutral. No matter where you are in the world.

Fighting For The Future

Altxtude is an eco-friendly brand that is committed to fighting against pollution by big corporations and for the future of sustainability and tech. We hope to do this in many ways, but first want to raise awareness though affordable and sustainable clothing and products.

Change Starts With You Organic Cotton Tee 👆Mount Dusk Embroidered Organic Beanie 🌄Midnight Lake Organic Cotton Tee 🌙Mount Dusk Embroidered Organic Hoodie 🌄Change Starts With You Organic Cotton Crewneck👆

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Our Organic Cotton Products

We're committed to a sustainable future, and you should be too! Our organic cotton products are comfortable, affordable, and sustainably and ethically made. Show your support for Altxtude and our future by buying now!

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We Have Been Able To...

Altxtude has grown following on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Discord. Altxtude also has profiles on facebook, pintrest, and twitter.
Altxtude has donated around $100 to earthjustice so far.
altxtude has carbon offset 1,970 pounds of co2 emissions so far
altxtude has saved around 30 feet of artic ice so far

Don't take our word for it


I got this hoodie a little over a week ago, and it is one of the comfiest hoodies I have!




I would much rather pay 50$ for this than 40$ for a mass produced Nike one. Overall really worth it and a great buy.




Immediately became my favorite hoodie I own and am looking forward to more purchases from this company!




Super quality, very comfortable. Plus the design is an eye catcher.




I get compliments on the cool design every time I wear it.



Mount Dusk Organic Cotton Long Sleeve 🌅Mount Dusk Embroidered Organic Beanie 🌄Change Starts With You Organic Cotton Tee 👆


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Yes they are! We do not sell any items that we can't confirm that this is the case, which is why we have a smaller inventory. We include exactly what each item is made out of in the product description and you can check out the factories most of our items are made in here!

These are about as affordable as sustainably and ethically made items will be at this point in time! Unlike other companies, Altxtude's goal is not to make lots of money, but to make eco-friendly products available to everyone. Because of this, our profit margin on every item is only about 5%. Other companies usually start at 20% and go anywhere up to 50-80%.

Yes we do! All shipping prices are calculated at checkout and vary based on your location!

Yes we do! We donate 10% of all profits to 'Earthjustice'. We also carbon offset each order which means we actually donate around 15% of all profits.

Yes we do! The easiest way to get 10% off your order is to sign up for our newsletter here. We also have a rewards and referral program where you can ear all kinds of discounts for simply following us on social media and referring friends to Altxtude! You don't need to be a social media star to benefit from our referral program!

The best way to join our mission is to share our site and social medias with everyone you know! Our items also often start conversations with people who spot you wearing it so be sure to wear our items often! If you want to potentially work for us please contact us here. If you want to submit a design or product idea to us please contact us here. And if you have any other ideas or suggestions you can always email me at

altxtude has a growing discord community of people who love the environment and have found our buisiness fighitng for the future of our planets environment.


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A huge part of Altxtude's mission is to create a community of people who all want to learn and fight for the same future! Hit the button to join our growing group!