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About Altxtude


Altxtude (pronounced Altitude) was founded after many months of brainstorming the best way to start a sustainable company that change positively impact the world. We launched in June of 2021 and haven't looked back since!

Our Mission

At Altxtude, our goal is to fight against mass pollution by big corporations and for the future of sustainability and tech. We settled on this mission because too often the responsibility of solving the world's enviormental issues are put on the common people, when the big corporations are the ones with the knowledge and resources to solve the issues once and for all. That is why we are committed to raising awareness about the role they play in polluting our planet through online videos and affordable, fashionable, eco-friendly products. However, we are not just fighting against corporations, we are also fighting for our future. We hope to combine the worlds of sustainability and tech to find the best solutions to the problems plaguing our world today.

Our Goals
Current Plans

As of now, Altxtude is focused on making eco-friendly clothing items and prodcuts affordable and available to all. We price our items as low as possible and only make around 5% on each item. Larger companies take anywhere from 20-80%.

example of altxtude's affordable eco friendly and organic cotton clothing

Future Plans

As stated about, right now Altxtude is solely focused on spreading awareness and making affordable eco-friendly products. However, in the future we hope to make Altxtude much more than just a clothing brand or accessory store. We hope to make this company into a large, multi-faceted business that tackles every enviormental issue we possibly can while using the latest tech to do so. While we can't go into specifics now of what we are planning, just be aware that Altxtude will be much more than just sustainable products in the future.

Meet The Founder
Dante Falasco

Altxtude was founded by me, Dante! I am currently the only one working at Atlxtude so everything you see in done by me! I am currently 19, am in college, and make lots of content online. I make fun videos on YouTube and TikTok, sometimes stream on Twitch, host a podcast, and am even starting my journey in music creation! Check all of my stuff out below!